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We enjoy being an excited team delivering exciting solutions

In sd house, we focus on solution-oriented software development. The essential thing is not the software we create, but the solution which is enabled by the software.

Our top-notch people deliver not only software but business solutions as well

Image by Gantas Vaičiulėnas

sd house is a Lithuania-based and internationally oriented software development company. As a solution-oriented business, we focus on delivering results that allow our partners to grow and expand faster with sustainability ahead. 


A suitable geographic location full of skilled people helps to have easy access to both Western and Eastern European markets. Moreover, it enables us to be a connecting solution developer with both skillsets and cost-effectiveness.

While working with various innovative tech businesses, we focus on being agile, close to our customers, and able to quickly adjust to changes required in a dynamic environment.


Furthermore, our skilled and experienced team, on top of agility and speed, values expertise, reliability, and most importantly - the relationships we create along the way.

Image by Misael Silvera

We are a strong value-driven team.
Our core values define our daily work and activities.

We empower a person-first mindset
We seek solutions, not excuses
We tell what we like and do not like
Learning is our path to excellence
We commit to outcome, not ideas

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